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Overfalls Canoe and Kayak Club is a new venture being co-ordinated by Kev J from Anglesey, North wales.

The concept of the expanding group of members is to enjoy the recreational side of Canoeing and Kayaking  in sheltered waters and to improve skills from beginners to very experienced paddlers of many years. Opportunities for members to take up nationally approved training courses for safety, skills and navigation. Most of the outings will be in sheletered waters around Anglesey. Some outings will also be  can be arranged for the even calmer conditions of some of the Lakes of North Wales or slower moving rivers and estuaries.

Most of the outings will be to scenic areas, so you might want to bring your camera and sandwiches along!

Free advice will be given to potential new members and up to three free trial sessions with us. If you have an interesting in making up your own equipment such as trolleys, stands, storage rigging then you are pretty sure to capture the attention of Kev, who is a keen craftsman in many materials and has made allsorts from wooden pulleys to temporary one day Piers!

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